WebDesign Trend: Minimalism

Minimalist movements have been appearing throughout the world of art for decades. Cool design combined with innovation has launched minimalism beyond the world of art. Examples of minimalist design can be seen in many domains, such as car design, architecture, and furniture design. Most recently, minimalism has dominated the world of web design.

Minimalist websites have deceptively simple design features. The challenge is creating minimalist-inspired content that maintains a balance. A minimalist website design needs to provide an effective, straightforward interface, as well as clean and simple features.

When this balance is acquired, a minimalist website will be efficient, effective, and stylish.

Visual aesthetics

When we think minimalism, it’s normal to default to the aspects of minimalism that we can see and interact with.

The Apple aesthetic, for example, is recognizable from afar and a major trendsetter in the tech world. Their design is always aesthetically pleasing, despite being relatively simple.

And the reason for that is that their visual style is minimal.

A well-designed minimal website with correct color-space, contrast, & nice typography make the delivery of information interesting, accurate & simple. It also ends up making the navigation easy & providing an easier user experience.

White or black

White’s neutrality isn’t only easy on users’ eyes, but also on their minds. The color doesn’t symbolize anything—meaning users won’t be distracted by it or be forced to think about what the color actually represents. 

White backgrounds allow important elements like calls-to-actions and meaningful text to stand out for maximum impact, while also ensuring optimal color contrast between them. Its brightness, when matched by contrasting colors, is a great tool for accessibility.

Minimalism design makes the website load faster & makes their appearance hassle-free. This web design is based on the principle of simplicity. The fewer the elements will be, the more convenient it will be for visitors to grasp the information.

Sans-serif typography

Sans-serif fonts look cleaner than serif fonts, which is why they’re so often relief upon by bigger businesses. Combining sans-serif typography, with large font size and/or a bold font weight, will enable maximum impact and emotion, and, if we choose our words wisely, they can be the most captivating aspects of our websites. It’s a case of less is more.

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