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In most branding projects, Creative Direction Services are many little things put together in a way that the whole becomes greater than the parts. Great creative direction wins hearts of the targeted customers with the depth & integrity of the branding as a whole.

How the brand effects a customer throughout their lifecycle of experiences is what drives the direction of a creative director. So brands aren’t actually designed, they tend to evolve as the companies underst&ing of their client-base becomes clearer.

A great brand is not designed by a creative director but is nurtured by a person who underst&s the art of communication through the use of creative ideas. The ultimate goal of creative direction is to communicate the inner value of a brand in a way that is accepted by the company & customers.

Why PULP for creative direction services?


Some argue that Creative Direction can’t be defined because it’s such an ethereal talent set. Surprisingly, creative directors are seldom taught in schools & there is very little formal information on the subject. In truth creative direction is often learned through practice & through mentorship with other creative directors.

Erin Leigh, originally from Huntington Beach CA & creator of PULP, has had a passion for the design world for over 25 years. She has studied many subjects including Graphic Design, Photography & Art History & has travelled & worked extensively around the globe. She started her first business at 20 & over the years had her h&s in every creative department including web design, marketing, graphic design, branding, photography & creative direction. She is extremely thankful to have learned not only from her mistakes, but also all the incredible mentors she’s encountered along the way.

Web Design Creative Direction is usually responsible for overseeing the look & feel of the entire site. In the world of advertising & brand development creative directors come up with concepts & then oversee the execution of the concept to make sure it stays on brand. These concepts are often tweaked to help communicate a core message with the brand’s target customers through devices like theme, metaphor, & symbolism.

Some creative direction needs little more than to dream up these concepts & present them to clients, while some will direct almost all aspects of the design & production process. PULP can help with all.

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