Orange County

Is Where the Heart Is

I was born and raised in Orange County and designed PULP as a love letter to this beautiful area. I’ve lived, travelled and have clients around the world but Orange County is my home. Working with and helping clients here in my community is my passion.

I believe in keeping it casual and I have my meetings in favorite spots like Philz Coffee at Pacific City, or Arc in SOCO, maybe art night in Santa Ana, or always love meeting anywhere along the beach, any beach!


Erin, Owner PULP


Art & Life with Erin Leigh INTERVIEW

What We Do

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is why we do it

The Team

Not From Concentrate

PULP is first and foremost a family business. Erin Leigh, Owner/Creative Director, has been uplifting brands globally large and small for over 15 years. Her uncle has been marketing and building businesses in Orange County for 30 years and our SEO Accounts Manager is creating leads for countless companies throughout SoCal as we speak. Our mission is to provide a fresh squeezed perspective on SEO and assure that your online presence is generating all possible leads.   

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