Can Local SEO Actually Be This Fun?

I’ve been a designer as long as I can remember. I used to boast that I would NEVER do anything unless creativity was involved. Money didn’t matter, I was in it for the arts, and on and on.. Then my uncle and mentor turned me onto marketing and more specifically Local SEO. He had found a system for his business over 15 years ago and became, shall I say, obsessed with getting his sites ranked in the top 3, then became obsessed getting others ranked. It wasn’t the money, he didn’t need the work, he loved the challenge and he loved helping others. He loved the thrill, that moment “it lands”. That moment of.. there it is, right there in the top 3, look how beautiful.. It is to him the greatest feeling.

I understood what he was saying but didn’t really comprehend it until my first time, on my own, with my new client. I pitched it, sold it and then totally freaked out because I had to actually deliver it. I knew his system had been 100%. We had had some harder categories but we never stopped until they were ranked, and they always get ranked. But, Google is a tricky one, always changing, always learning and growing. She keeps you on your toes and every day you wonder what she’s up to now. There is never this sense of, ‘oh yeah, I got this’.

So, with my first time on my own I can say I was a blend of terrified and confident. Constant head talks of ‘what am I doing?’ and ‘you’re doing great Erin, just keep doing!’ A crazy person of back and forth, feeling like this for 2 months straight until the moment of launch. You’d think it ended here but no it didn’t, that’s when the real excitement/stress kicked in. Waiting and waiting to see where, or scarier yet, IF the site would land because I had absolutely no idea, it’s Google.

Then.. the moment. I Googled our category and there it was, top 3, even better, # 1! What an amazing feeling, unexplainable and not at all what I expected to be excited about but my clients life/business was about to change and that was so huge! I was having fun, who knew?!

Final thought. We’ve all heard it, do what you love but having fun while doing it is a major bonus. Do this and life will be better, I promise.

Erin is the founder of PULP a pure premium web agency focused on creative web design and local SEO services for startups and companies that need a fresh squeezed perspective. Based out of surf city Huntington Beach.


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