3 Things I Learned Building A Remote Web Design Agency

Build a remote business from your bedroom & have the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time. Make money while you sleep, hit the road, see where the wind takes you, & explore the country – it all sounds so good, doesn’t it? Well, I’m doing this & am building my remote web design agency now. It is definitely exciting & if anyone comes to me with a remote business idea I’ll be the first to say “yes! Do it!” 

However, it wouldn’t be right if I wasn’t totally up front, building any business isn’t going to be easy, not even close. There will be bumps in the road, no, there will be huge mountains in your road. You’re gonna have to get out the big gear & dig your tunnel through them. Since I decided to quit my job & give everything I had to my business, I’ve become an expert mountain digger, even so, I still stand on the edge of insanity at least once week.

Has it been exactly what I want to do, absolutely. Has it been a hard journey, yes. Is it worth it, you bet. Is it for everyone, NO WAY. When I started building businesses, almost 15 years ago, what I expected has been very different, not bad, just different then what I imagined. The reality? A lot of this difference came from my lack of experience working for myself. Along the way, though, I gained some knowledge that has really helped me create a more fulfilling work/life balance. Here are 3 things I found incredibly helpful, & I hope they help you, too.

ONE: Get a mentor. Find someone you admire, someone who inspires you & is doing something similar to you. Reach out to that person & ask if you can take them to lunch & pick their brain, or maybe send them some questions in an email. I found 100% of the time I reached out was met with openness & encouragement.

Don’t forget these are people who have gone through the struggles & the joys, these are your people. Remember that EVERYONE that has success goes through it. Period. Get to know them, hang around them & learn from them. Go to seminars, events & workshops. I went to a Lynette X&ers workshop, with Wild Alchemy, & it changed my life! Put yourself in the world you want to be in & then, guess what, you’re in that world, things will happen!

I was incredibly lucky & thankful to have people in the beginning who encouraged me like Cindi Mansfield with Blueray Design& Brenda Spiers with Buzztag. Not to mention so many incredible friends & family who continue to support me.

Relationships are super important & you have to appreciate & nurture them. Mine have been the unexpected bonus I didn’t even think about. I now see how supported I am & I am so grateful for that. I can say that my relationships I’ve gained & built are the best part of this entire process.

TWO: Pay your dues. You gotta work & you gotta pay your dues, there’s no way around this, accept it & just do it. When I started I had to find clients. I spent 10 hours a day sending out emails, introducing myself & worked hard to build an ‘interesting’ online portfolio with what little projects I did have. I worked 7 days a week networking & finally got that one client that saw something in me & took a chance.

My rates were ridiculously low. I said yes to everything & if I didn’t know how to do something I would spend endless nights figuring it out. There was SO MUCH I didn’t know but I was in heaven learning it. Eventually this all lead into a great opportunity with Eureka Vapor. Because of the hours of work I put in, along with my willingness to do anything, &, do it right, I built a relationship & was offered exciting projects for my portfolio. I also came out with a nice friendship, that I am forever grateful for.

Point is you have to respect the process, you have to build your brand. If you are starting out & someone gives you work, appreciate the heck out of it & them! They’ve worked really hard to get where they are & that needs to be respected. Be grateful for what you get & pay it forward.

THREE: Know what you want to do & love to do it. Sit down & take some time to be very sure about how you see your life & how you see your business fitting into that. These questions are hard & most people don’t go there. But if you want your dream life you HAVE TO take a minute, or a month, & really think about what that looks like & how you’re going to get there. What is your end game & then get a plan in action.

I got the book Momentum by Lynette X&ers & it was brilliant in making me peel back my layers & focus in on what really mattered. I realized I want to work for myself, I’m happiest when I travel, I want to make passive income, I wanted a web design agency & above all I love being around my friends & family.

It was a life revelation to finally realize these things & say them out loud. I gathered up the courage to make it all happen & I set sail. I haven’t looked back since. It’s been hard, & beautiful, & scary, & I wouldn’t change any of it.

Final note: My first skydive was the most intense fear & anxiety I had ever felt followed by the most incredible elation & bliss imaginable. The same with my first performance on stage. Imagine crippling stage fright with a serious fear you might die. I honestly asked my friend to break my leg, which thankfully she refused. I pushed through & did the performance & the feeling after was nothing short of PURE BLISS.

If you’re thinking about jumping off & doing your own thing, expect something similar! It’s exciting AND terrifying. But I am a huge fan of living this life exactly how you want to live it, whatever it takes, this to me is bliss. BUT you can only get to bliss IF you go through the pain. SO… go through it already, get uncomfortable. It’s worth it, I promise!

Erin is the founder of PULP a pure pure premium web agency focused on creative web design & local SEO services for startups & companies that need a fresh squeezed perspective. Based out of surf city Huntington Beach.


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