Entering A Natural State Of Flow, In Biz & In Life

It’s time to release the clutter of fear and doubt I’ve been holding onto and live in a more natural state of flow. That was the advice I’d been given to start receiving more ‘abundance’ or money. Yeah thanks, easier said than done. Just release it, why hadn’t I thought about that 25 years ago! Well, because it’s actually hard to do and takes some serious mind power, not to mention courage, trust and a lot of consistent hard work.

When I create a web design for a client, I have to build it so it has a natural flow. It has to be (somewhat) simple, straight forward and easy to navigate. I want the visitors to easily receive the information being transmitted, I take them on a beautiful journey by leading them where I want them to go. I make it feel seamless. If it’s forced, cluttered, confused or just downright ugly, we’re losing customers and more importantly business.

I started to think that maybe letting go wasn’t so hard and maybe these building tools could also be applied when designing better flow in my life. Thing is, when I design a website, I’m there, I’m confident, I trust myself and I know how to let the design unfold naturally. I know it will always turn out beautifully because I won’t quit until it does.

For my life, it was a very different story. I constantly fought the flow like a spoiled child, kicking and screaming. I found myself trying to control every little last thing. I argued, fussed, begged and pleaded when it didn’t go ‘my way’. I didn’t trust myself and I didn’t respect the process. It wasn’t pretty and I’m embarrassed that I left the scared inner child in charge of the adult me. I had lost control by holding onto control.

Well, finally I said no more. It was time to set the record straight on who was boss. Like a web design that needs rebranding, I decided to rebrand myself. I sat down that scared little girl and had a serious one on one talk about how we were going to work together, who we we’re going to be and how life for us would look moving forward. The adult was in charge and if I was going to push through to my next level, finding a natural state of flow was priority one.

Here are a few ideas that helped me, and if you’re feeling at all stuck right now, maybe they’ll help you too..

Work daily on your mental game. Change your thoughts, I’ve written other posts on this, it’s important. Let go of words like want, need, can’t, I wish. These words are stating that you’re already lacking in something. If I thought I can’t do the web design my client wants, then guess what, I can’t and I wont. Instead use words like I will, I am, I have. Think about what you want as if you already have it coming. Think about those clients, that money or that better relationship. Say you will and then do. Let go and trust that you got this, and then get it.

Meditate. Spend 5 minutes every morning and clear your head. Get in touch with your quiet side. Start to visualize the life you want, and, be thankful for what you already have. Start to imagine what your re-designed life would feel like, get in tuned with an action plan and, without force, take action. Sit back and watch it unfold naturally. Enjoy the unexpected perks that pop up along the way.

Just do it. Let go already. Anytime your nasty little thoughts speak up, remind them you are no longer interested in what they have to say. Tell them you are no longer afraid and therefor they no longer serve you. If you have to scream out NOOOO over and over again, THEN DO IT, get a little crazy if you have to. Eventually they’ll start backing off. When they finally do, designing your life will start to become more focused. You’ll let go and have the space to see what life has to offer, you’ll be ready to grab whatever it hands you.

Final note: Remember, you still have to do the work. NO ONE IS GOING TO HAND IT TO YOU. Let go, yes, but put in the energy towards the life you’re designing for yourself. Just hanging on your couch all day, binging Game Of Thrones, waiting for life to turn out how you dream it to be isn’t how it works. Unless that’s the life you want, go for it, (can’t say I would totally blame you!)

Surrender to the natural flow, do the work and trust whatever you want to manifest will happen. Who knows how, who knows when but if you put that work in with love and not fear, with trust and not force, it will happen. I promise.

Erin is the founder of PULP a pure premium web agency focused on creative web design and local SEO services for startups and companies that need a fresh squeezed perspective. Based out of surf city Huntington Beach, CA.


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