3 Thoughts You’ve Gotta Get Out Of Your Head.

Thoughts become things, take massive action. How true is this? Your mind is a powerful thing & when things are hard & get you down, you’ve gotta practice a little mind control, there’s no other choice.

So how do you do that? We’ve all been there, you question EVERYTHING, & EVERYONE! The rabbit hole of terrible fear thoughts have taken over, blah..

Thoughts have crazy powers & when left to their own devices they can mess with your mental game. Bad ones are the best at sneaking in when you’re feeling your most vulnerable – after pulling an all-nighter due to a big presentation, or a not so great moment with a co-worker or loved one. Or stressed about when your next web design project will show, or just wondering if all your doing is worth it.

These thoughts have to leave your brain, get that through your head, immediately! Fight for what is rightfully yours, balance & a happy mindset. Create the life you’ve been dreaming of, it’s time. Here’s a few doozies you can let go of..

What If.. Yeah? What if? This is fear, something I am guilty of. I’ve let the what if game take over & it’s never productive. There are always what if’s, there are a million ways things can go. They could bail out of that deal, relationship could be a sham, you could get hit by a bus but what if none of that actually happened? What if you’re so worried about it that you somehow manifest it. I don’t know how it all works but I do know it’s probably better not to what if anything at all. Let it unfold, it’s more exciting this way.

Should.. Don’t should on yourself or anyone else. Take that in for a minute.. makes sense right?

There is someone better at it then me.. You gotta flip this switch immediately! Of course there is, that is always & will always be the case but what then? Don’t do it at all? Find something you are the absolute best at? Good luck with that! I’m certainly not the best web designer on this planet but I have my strengths, I love what I do & I’m getting better all the time. I’ll look back when it’s my time & know that I went for it, gave it my all & I lived the way I wanted to live.

Final note: This is it you guys, you’ve got one shot so get your head right. Do whatever it takes to keep your thoughts at the kindest level to yourself & to others, then sit back & enjoy what happens. It’s worth it I promise!

Erin is the founder of PULP a pure pure premium web agency focused on creative web design & local SEO services for startups & companies that need a fresh squeezed perspective. Based out of surf city Huntington Beach, CA.

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