When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Stay Focused

Life is complicated, throw in starting &/or running a business & you’re asking for the next level kinda journey. Whenever I get ready to jump into a web design, or any other building a brand project, there are always challenges thrown my way. A break up, sickness, fear or I simply can’t find the motivation. Stay focused, yes, but what does that actually mean, or better yet, how?

Starting your business while keeping a work life balance is not for the weak minded, you’re asking for transformation & that is never easy. Jen Sincero, author of How To Be A Badass Everyday says, ‘When you commit to transforming your life, you commit to getting very uncomfortable over & over & over again. Befriend the unfamiliar, the risky, the me no wanna. The discomfort means you’re almost there.’

So, if you are challenging yourself with transformation, good on ya. Here are a few things to help you push on through to the other side.

1.Keep Dreaming

If you don’t know your dreams how can you set your goals? Visualization is the start to the beautiful life you want to create. You should be working towards making those dreams come true, no? Sit down & brainstorm your dreams, for your business & for your life. My uncle always asks, ‘What’s your end game?’ Dream about yours & then work your way backwards, set your goals. Move to a better house? More customers? The most beautiful custom web design for your business? Traveling across the country? How can you get there? Dream big & then take action.

2. Be Thankful Every Day

We’ve all heard it, we know it, but how often do we practice it? Gratitude is huge. If you’re thankful you don’t have time to be sad about that breakup. If you’re thankful, your clients/customers will sense that & send more business your way. If you’re thankful you’re smiling & happier & people want to be around this, things happen. It’s not magic it’s simple psychology & with a little practice it’s as easy as changing your thoughts.

3. Love Your Self

Don’t forget this is your one & only life as you on this planet, take advantage of it. Remind yourself you’re a good person & that you work hard on your business & on your relationships! Yes life can be complicated & it’s scary. It will take twists & it will take turns but if you change your attitude from ‘Man this sucks & I always get taken advantage of’ to ‘Wow, I am so supported with all these opportunities’ or ‘Why can’t that big client just show up & pay me a bunch of money’ to ‘What can I be doing every day to work towards earning that big client?’ you’re actively flipping negativity into positive action. Do this, dream big & be thankful & there is no stopping you.

Final note: Stay tough AND go easy on yourself. When you do this along with putting these other little things into action you’ll shift through your transformation much easier. The customers will start to come, that web design will turn out amazing, you’ll see the support you do have & you’ll find someone who is better for you. It works out, it always does I promise!

Erin is the founder of PULP a pure pure premium web agency focused on creative web design & local SEO services for startups & companies that need a fresh squeezed perspective. Based out of surf city Huntington Beach, CA.



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