Things You Would Be Better Off Worrying About Instead Of Your Instagram

Does this sound familiar: you have a whopping 300 followers, you post something & for the next 24 hours you look to see who has ‘acknowledged’ you. You wait for praise. You think that maybe, just maybe you’ll get that $5000 job/sale you’ve been waiting for. Newsflash, it doesn’t happen like that, ever! You know why? That’s right, you’ve spent all your time doing this instead of actually doing the work that matters.

You’ve gone to Instagram LaLa land

You know who you are.. You’ve lost touch & have alienated your business, & most likely the living breathing humans around you who do care & want to support you.

As anyone who is trying to start, or run, their own business, social media can either be really good, or, absolutely terrible. Building a following IS REALLY HARD & takes a LOT OF WORK, making sales is even harder.

It’s time to return to the land of the doers. Instagram is an amazing tool that when used effectively can boost your business. But I’m also going to set things straight here, there is a whole lot more to your business, & life, than getting tagged on Instagram. So, if you’re serious about building a long-lasting, profitable business can I suggest you start focusing on other important aspects of your business? Start with these five…

1. Do you have customers & if so, do you have enough? What are you doing to gain an actual following that pays? If you have some, great! Do they like working with you? Does your product/service fit them well? Would they come back to you for more business? Will they tell their friends about you? Have they got an idea of how you could improve your business? I challenge you to start a conversation with your already loyal clients & see how you can better serve them before you go looking for new ones.

2. Emails  – If Instagram went away tomorrow, would you still have a business? Start collecting emails today. Do you have a solid web design that guides your possible customers to sign up? Not sure you do, or how to do that? Give us a call, we can give you a few suggestions!

3. Be consistent with your content. What is your ‘Niche’ Are you all over the place? If you are focused on what you offer, &, if you offer something people will need, find a way to educate & inspire your audience on a regular basis. This way you are more likely to build trust with them. The more they trust you, the more likely they are to spend money with you. Start investing time in finding you niche & stick with it.

4. Review your profit margins. Are you even making money? How much money are you actually making? Next time you catch yourself mindlessly scrolling through your 300 followers, put your phone down, open up a spreadsheet & run the numbers. Start running the numbers, setting goals & finding ways to reach them. Remember, we all have to go for what we want & need in life, no one hands it to us.

5. Dream bigger then do the work.  The two main differences between you & that other person who has found their success is their ability to dream bigger than you and their willingness to do the work. When was the last time you sat down & asked yourself the question ‘what am I truly capable of?’ When was the last time you sat down & asked yourself the question ‘what am I willing to do to achieve my goals?’ The first step to achieving greatness is believing that you are capable of it. The second step is doing it.

Final Note: A little tip when it comes to Social Media – Be Authentic. Content that is huge right now is real & raw with an authentic, vulnerable tone of voice. In fact, this is a good tip for life also. Be real, be honest, don’t use people, have integrity, pay your debts back, give more than you get, underst& communication is everything & learn to listen. It’s a crazy life & it’s over sooner than you think, focus on what matters most & good things will happen, I promise.

Erin is the founder of PULP a pure pure premium web agency focused on creative web design & local SEO services for startups & companies that need a fresh squeezed perspective. Based out of surf city Huntington Beach, CA.


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