The Moment Between Sleeping And Waking

When you first wake up, please, please, please do not dive immediately into work mode. Don’t look at your phone, your social media or your email. Don’t think about money or your meeting that day. I know, believe me I know, this is hard but this small shift will be the difference between a day with intention & focus or a day mentally swimming upstream.

There is a moment between sleeping & waking when things are perfect. You’re in the zone, you’re open, you’re intuition is on full alert & you’re calm. Enjoy this! Take this time to appreciate that you’re alive, how beautiful is that?! You’ve made it another day! If you have someone with you, take a moment to appreciate them. Jumping on social media & emails before saying good morning & taking a minute to acknowledge, & more importantly enjoy each other, is a huge bummer.

After a period of insecurity, anxiety & worry, I realized there were things in my life that weren’t serving me, including a work associate, a sham relationship & my absence of mindfulness. Committing to my meditation & my morning ritual has turned my life around & now I am stronger, & healthier. I am surrounded only by good, loving people who contribute to my life I now love. Following a morning routine is one of the most important things I do in order to be present each day, I make better business decisions & better decisions for my life.

Final thought: You’ve gotta do all you can to keep in a positive mindset. Take that time in the morning to set your day, exercise. Also, it’s imperative you surround yourself only with others who care about you for real, who aren’t out to take advantage of what you got but who actually bring something to the table. People who underst& the importance of communication & who are strong enough to take this life ride with you. Committing to your work/life balance takes hard work & determination. It’s an emotional rollercoaster but taking that ride is worth it, I promise!

Erin is the founder of PULP a pure premium web agency focused on creative web design & local SEO services for startups & companies that need a fresh squeezed perspective. Based out of surf city Huntington Beach, CA.


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